I need your feedback!

Hello there! 

I'd like to make an important post. Well, I currently need at least some feedback on my games, so if you played one of my games (Towngrid, Green Island, Help Won't Come, etc.), make sure to leave a comment about your experience. It'll be really useful for me, because then I can improve my games and make them even better!

I also created a discord server to easily communicate with community of my games - https://discord.gg/MrdKQXV.

Sincerely, endline;

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It seems that you forgot to tell us about your discord server or do you close it ?

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Oh, yes, it was closed. I created a new one for all my games and not only Green Island. So you can join it, if you want. https://discord.gg/MrdKQXV 

Lets see