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Here is a small city-building game I made recently. I'd like to get some feedback, to know if you're interested in this project or not.


It's a city-building game, where you have to develop your town, care about people's health, water and power supply and entertainment. Everything is based on a grid system, which makes gameplay pretty intuitive but not less fun and engaging.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/MrdKQXV

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, City Builder, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Version 21

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I think I built everything except the dump and it didn't seem to matter that I didn't have one. So with that in mind, what's the benefit of building one? I don't believe I deleted any buildings, so if it is that then I wouldn't know. If not, maybe "deleting" a building causes rubble that needs to be cleared?

This is how my "towngrid" ended up before I decided there wasn't a whole lot left in terms of content:

With that in mind, I'd suggest a heavier usage of general resource balancing mechanics. For example, shops may need a dump to continue production, which causes ill health, which causes hospital needs to raise. Parks could provide a bonus to health (because clean air) -- maybe a pollution system?

Its tricky to not fall into the whole SimCity / Cities Skyline level of detail while also maintaining the casual nature of the game. I see this as more of a TripleTown style relaxation game personally. One way to balance the complex vs casual would be different gamemodes, as included on that particular title. Maybe another would be to gate upgrades behind building requirements? Or a technology tree (research with money) so you'd have that urge to raise money before you could upgrade, but in order to do so you have to be more strategic with your shops/hospitals/etc. Once again I didn't really have any need to delete buildings. I started with the water electricity and house in the middle, built outwards from there.

Also I didn't have my speakers turned on during gameplay so I can't really comment on the sounds, sorry about that! And of course, thank you for making the game free to try. It was an enjoyable experience, short but fun.

UPDATE: I left the game running while I wrote the above comment, and I noticed when I tabbed back that all my people abandoned the town. Perhaps THAT is why the dump is necessary? It would be nice if there was a notification system to explain what exactly happened there.
 Either way, this is the actual final result:

Thanks for such detailed review! I'm not working on the game anymore (That's my annoying habit of dropping projects halfway.), but I'll keep all of you suggestions and remarks in mind for future game ideas. 


pretty neat. some change up in the music would be awesome. could also use some time controls like x2, x1 speed and pause, and maybe a background like just a slightly darker gray gridline option. thanks for making it free to try!


Good idle game. Pls add music mute in setting page. Music is booooring. :-(

Pretty fun and simple town simulator, but I think it needs additional complexity such as "roads", "foodsources" (farms?), and more personalizable buildings which make each town or area of a town unique such as "libraries", "restaurants," "schools", "factories". However, as of right now as well as with how responsive the dev is, this game seems really worth the dollar investment and I'm excited to see how this game goes over time!


Thanks a lot for your review! Actually, I planned to add more complexity in future updates, so stay tuned. 

The dumps are a bit too expensive. Its best if the price is about 500. Sorry for not giving feedback after a while!

Thanks for your feedback. I'll try to make some balance changes in game. And It's ok, I'm not forcing you to give feedback each update.


I really like the game so far, and the fact that you update almost everyday is really cool. But a small suggestion: the houses should be abandoned at random instead of a fixed timer. Because I was playing and then suddenly I saw all my houses get darkened at the same time. Thanks for the game, though!


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll make the timer more random in next update. 

Hey! This game seems super fun, but I think it is formatted wrong on my screen? I took a screenshot of it. (don't mind my sheep on the bottom haha) Is there any way to fix this?


Currently, there's no way to fix it, But I'll add windowed mode and resolution settings, so you'll be able to change the resolution to fit your screen perfectly.


Minecraftlike Soundtrack will be the best in this type of game :)


Thanks! I'll add a few soundtracks and sound effects in future updates.

Nice :)


The game is pretty cool for something to pass time. But the pace is really slow. I would love to see you develop this game further. Can you please add more buildings, or maybe even an environment?

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Thanks for the review. Well, I made this game in 3-4 days, and I'll develop it further. I also plan to add some more features, like, more buildings, as you said (schools, hospitals, fire departments, etc.) and weather, like rain, snow, thunder etc. You can also join my discord server to see the development process and discuss about the game, if you want. https://discord.gg/MrdKQXV

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Pretty cool game. Couple things that might help. There is no way to quit out of the game without just closing the window, might just wanna put a quit button in there and maybe basic main menu for tester quality of life. Also, it's not obvious what some of the buildings are until you build them, maybe add a tool tip when the mouse is hovering over the button to buy a particular building. Other than that, it seems like a nice start to a 2D city builder.

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Thanks for advices. I'll keep that in mind for next update.