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This really looks like Plantera, is it similar? The description sounds like it's more complex

pls add another currency in this game to buy land
1 skill orb = 1 [new currency] 
500 coins = 1 [new currency]

also pls add more skills

and more tab to transfer the currency

Very Good game BUT LOTS OF BUG . I can't rename and when you buy some thing and try to buy some thing else its gone

just wondering, does my getting the game from ur 100% off sale as purchasing it?


If you're talking about your nickname in game, no, you should pay to get it. But you can play it anyway, and get all updates for free. 



This game has such potential to be a mobile simulator! (In a good way)


Are you willing to make some sord of a rebirth mechanic, or buying another farm, with a better grass or something like that and we loose everything except for orbs? That would make the game waay bigger, the actual state of the game is pretty pretty beautiful and fun but there is kinda no use for orbs when u get last island upgrade, and the game is small.
That is my only concern

Yes, I have this idea, but for now I want to add all the features I planned. 

Ok, great :)


I really like this game :D

would you consider adding a windowed mode option so it's easier to play on a different screen?

Good luck with your game!

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Thank you! Well, windowed mode is already in game. You can toggle it in settings. I also will add resolution settings in next update.


Good luck with your game!

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Thank you so much! 

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This would also be a good fit for r/incremental_games

It's a great start but also seems to suffer from a lot of obvious flaws and a lack of quality-of-life features.

May I ask what exactly you dislike about the game?

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Is this blinking also a bug? or is it just a gif glitch or something? Also, thank you for playing my game and reporting! I'll fix the bug in next update.

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I find a bug in your game ( look at the pumpkin)

already a realy good game keep working on it :)

But can you show how much the skills costs ?

and how do you get these purple orbs ?

Hope you can fix this.

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Thank you! Every skill costs 1 orb. Each level up you get an orb. I'll try to make it more obvious to players.

So I fixed it. Thank you again for telling about the bug.

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Thank you ! And the blinking is no bug its only the gif maker programm "peek" wich is probably not the best for taking gifs, sorry for that . Hope that picture is now better.

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Also one edit for the Update 10

The bank is same efficientas the bees That means that:

Place for two banks are 4 and the same for 4 bees, two banks reach 200& per tick and the 4 bees reach 160$ per tick but with the skill 25% chance to get double honey you reach also 200$ should be balanced a little bit May with a skill for the bank or so also please update the number of existing items if you sell one ...

Hope you know it yet.

Thank you for noticing that. I'll do a rebalance in next update and fix the items counter. 

Also, it's not 25% more honey, it's 25% to get double honey. 

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Hello. I purchased your game and made a video about it. I love it. I want to suggest you add feature information( like the amount of money it can bring) when you move a mouse on it. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make videos for such developers like you every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I had a lot of fun playing your games, and I am looking forward to playing more of them.


Hi, thank you so much for purchasing my game! I watched your video and liked it, so I subscribed. Also, I'm planning to make updates for my game and if you want, you can check them out later, maybe not for a video, but just for fun.

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Sure. Also, I want to suggest you joining jams. It is an excellent opportunity to experiment with concepts and learn different skills. You can even win prizes there. For example, this is a group that creates jams with awards regularly. I make videos for this jam typically, too.

Additionally, I am hosting a game jam that is going to happen at the end of September. You will be able to win some money to buy a pizza for yourself there.

I hope you join us. The link is here:

Sure. I'd like to participate in Totally Ranked Jam!