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Patch #20
Gameplay: Removed Dice (Active Item) Added Bomb (Active Item) UI: New sounds Music Updated main menu...
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Patch #19
Gameplay: Added items and weapons descriptions Added more sounds, scene transitions and animations Bugfixes: Swordsman Emblem now works correctly Hit detection...
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Patch 18
Gameplay: Hats! Everyone likes hats! New NPC: the Hatter New hats system New hats: Top hat Party hat Cowboy hat New weapons: Crystal Sword Reworked Melee Weapo...
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Patch 17
Gameplay: Camp: A new location in game, where you can talk to new NPCs, and just relax for a bit New NPCs: Knight (Name in progress) Old Man (Name in progress)...
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Patch 16
Gameplay: New Active items: Poison Capsule Placebo New Passive Items: Ampoule with Poison New Weapons: Soft Snake "Treat" Heart System Replaced by Healthbar Add...
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Patch 15
Art and Graphics: Lots of Textures Updated Gameplay: Updated Chomper and Dark Chomper Enemies Behaviour New Passive Item: My Explosive Friend Bugfixes...
Patch 14
Gameplay: New Active Items: X-Mas Present New Passive Items: Lump of Coal Coal Buddy Bugfixes...
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Patch 13
Main Menu and some Bugfixes...
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Tell your opinion about the game, what you want in next updates, and report bugs
started by endline; Mar 11, 2020
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So if you stay near any of the screen edges during the Darkness Lord fight, the minions can't hurt you which allows to g...
started by MatiGGFG Jul 27, 2021
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